"VIP for a VIP" at Randleman High
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Friday, September 23, 2016
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VIP for a VIP 

Written by Daniel (DJ) Young, RHS Senior

Tuesday, September 19, Randleman High School welcomed visitors from VIP for a VIP, or Vehicle Injury Prevention for a Very Important Person.  It was a moving and emotional presentation focusing on the dangers of unsafe driving.  In the beginning, students and staff witnessed a mock funeral which brought many tears and emphasized the loss people feel when a classmate does not survive a tragic accident. The most moving portion for me was when a State Trooper explained the difficult process of notifying the family.  As a student driver, I know it was very eye-opening to the dangers I put myself and others in behind the wheel of a car, and I think many other students received the same message. 

Following that portion of the presentation, a mock rescue took place in the student parking lot.  A high school senior was trapped in a car after drinking and driving, and emergency services extracted him using the jaws-of-life.  A voice-over of the thoughts of the victim, who believed he could not be dead because he was only seventeen, echoed through the parking lot.  The presentation was interesting to watch, but when the boy’s parents arrived on the scene, the cries and shrieks of the mother intensified the sorrow.  The young man left the scene in a body bag, with the mother crying, just wanting her baby boy to be alright.  Afterwards, a few students set up a memorial to remember their friend.  The presentation really showed how dangerous a vehicle can be when we fail to take necessary precautions to ensure safe driving.  It really hit me when I thought about a good friend of mine who only four months ago, sped and flipped his car three times, breaking his back in six places.  He was only 18 and senior at Randleman High.  That could have been me.  I am so thankful today, he survived.  On behalf of Randleman High School, I would like to thank the VIP for a VIP organizers for replicating such an eye-opening presentation to protect our student drivers.



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