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Supply List 

Supply List for Functional Skills


·       3 boxes of Kleenex

·       Clorox Wipes

·       Gallon Ziploc Bags

·       Quart Ziploc Bags

·       Sandwich Ziploc Bags

·       Sharpie Markers

·       Expo Markers

·       Pencil Top Erasers

·       24 pack of Crayons

·       Basic Calculator*

·       Washable Markers

 * Only needed if your child has not already brought one to school.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have about the supply list. I will also be checking my email over the summer, should you have any questions before the beginning of the school year.  Thank you for a great year; it has been a pleasure teaching your child.

Mrs. Allison & Mrs. Frank